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Are you tired of the cheese graters on the side of your Scorpion Hand Guard? Are you tired of living in 2005? Do you wish you could free float your barrel? Well we have a product for you! The Stinger hand guard will solve all your problems! Designed and made by Airborne Arms (a veteran owned company), but with a little Yeti Wurks help and magic sprinkled in, it is a revolutionary new design!  I think you will agree with my mom that it is the best Scorpion hand guard by far!

Unlike other hand guards the Stinger leaves part of the trunnion clamp exposed so it can maintain the lines of the receiver!  The Stinger also has QD points incorporated into both sides while also filling the gap in the receiver where the sling point would traditionally be mounted.  It is M-lock certified with 2.5 slots on each side, 3 slots on the bottom, and 1.5 slots on the top angles.  Do you shooting with your thumb wrapped around the hand guard? This has an opening to allow this style of shooting!

The current Rail is similar in size to the OEM pistol handguard, but longer hand guards are possible if there is enough demand. In the future we may also offer it with the trunnion clamp anodized a different color to bring bring your preferred accent into the hand guard! Stay tuned for future updates! CAN NOT be used

***Shipping is Restricted to the United States due to ITAR***

*Will not work on the new Scorpion 3+


CANNOT be used on barrels with permanently attached muzzle devices (3 lug, ASR, Etc). Any muzzle device would need to be removed to install the trunnion clamp.

We recommend using a polymer charging handle. Metal aftermarket charging handles will affect the finish of the hand guard where they rub together.

A good compatible extended charging handle is  the Pro Stock CH from HBI (




6061 Mil Spec Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum (Trunnion clamp and Hand Guard)

Magpul M-lock Certified

US Designed and Made (Counts towards 922r)

Weight: 15.5 ounces

Length: 6.85 Inches

Width: 2.2 (at QD point) and 1.97 (at M-Lok)

Usable Internal Diameter: 1.65 inches

Made By: Airborne Arms LLC

Additional information

Weight 20 oz

Black Anodized, FDE, Grey

5 reviews for Stinger Scorpion Hand Guard

  1. jd.gustafson (verified owner)

    The ergonomics of the Stinger Handguard is amazing. Fits the hand like a glove. Solid lock up, perfect alignment with the top picatinny rail, and the finish is amazing. Get one now if you’re on the fence.

  2. Ricky S (verified owner)

    Just got mine in, it’s a sweet, sweet upgrade over the oem cheese graters.

  3. Tim

    I was looking for a handguard that I could tuck my DA Wolfman under with a Scorpion Micro barrel. The Stinger is the only handguard I found that for sure works for that application. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one if I needed it.

  4. brian (verified owner)

    Just got this installed, a little tricky. You WILL need the right sized wrench to remove the barrel nut (mine was 20mm), I tried needle nosed vise grips but that just scared it up. Once I got the wrench it was easier but needed it the entire way. This wasn’t hard just annoying. Installing the Stinger is amazingly simple and easy! When I first held it I couldn’t believe the difference it made. It felt very natural and made it hard to understand why CZ didn’t use something like this for the civilian market but that’s another discussion! LOL. Fells great and as badass as the Scorpion already looks this piece took it to another level! If you’re looking to “fix” the hand guard issue I highly recommend this one

  5. Kody Miller (verified owner)

    The machining quality was fabulous. Everything fit very snug with no play. Ergonomics are awesome. My hand sits perfectly and naturally. Getting the barrel nut off is tricky, but you will have that problem with any hand guard assembly. If you’re wondering if you want this hand guard. YOU DO…

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