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Are you tired of the stock sling points rattling around in your receiver?  Are looking for a solid front QD point solution for your CZ Scorpion Evo III?  Look no further!  The Yeti Wurks Denali QD point replaces the stock front sling point and is the lowest profile QD point option availlable.  It is fabricated from 630 Alloy stainless steel and QPQ treated.  This means that not only will the QD point be strong, it is extremely corrosion resistant, and will stay looking great well into the future.  The Denali sling point is rock solid, works on both sides of the scorpion, and does not rattle. Please Note that if installed on the right side of the weapon it will prevent the CZ stock (for SBR and Carbine people) from closing all the way.  Yeti Wurks also now carries the PMM rear QD mount.  Its a perfect pairing for a QD sling solution.

Please note that a special tool is needed to remove the barrel nut on the new Scorpion Carbines and the barrel nut needs to be removed to install this QD mount.

Will not work with HBI, MI, or Airborne Arms aftermarket handguards (or handguard that covers or removes the front sling spots).

Will not work with Scorpion Micro’s or the new Scorpion 3+.

Installation of these sling points is a breeze.  Just remove your flash hider, loosen your barrel nut, slide them into the dove tail hidden between the hand guard and the receiver, and then tighten everything back up!  If this seems complicated no worries! Just watch this YouTube video:

This is also covered by the Yeti Wurks lifetime warranty so you have nothing to worry about. Weight of the QD point is about .2 Oz.

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3 reviews for Denali QD Point

  1. Walden Arms, LLC (verified owner)

    Freaking awesome I have put several on LEO guns and they and I love them!! Durable, minimal and the best solutions on the market

  2. Josh (verified owner)

    Great QD attachment, very well made and fits perfectly into the stock Scorpion hand guard.

  3. Zach sink (verified owner)

    The yeti works QD Mount itself works perfectly, but getting the barrel but off was a royal pain. Bought a MI socket which had to beat on, make a sleeve to heat the nut without melting handguard, then work thru a full thread coating of rock set to get off. Had to chase threads to clean them up.Be prepared to spend some time.

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