Scorpion Tailhook Brace Full “Kit”


NOTE: This Kit now includes the Tailhook mod 1c ! This new brace has a slimmer profile than the original and works better for the scorpion setup! Please note some pictures will still show the original tailhook mod 1.

Now with the GHW Injection Molded Adapter!

Are you looking for the best looking brace setup for the scorpion? Does your state have draconian SBR laws? Do you often travel with you scorpion? Well look no further! Gear Head Works recently came out with the Tailhook Brace and a way to add it to your scorpion pistol!

This kit contains everything you need to add the Tailhook brace to your scorpion pistol. It comes with a factory folding mechanism, the adapter, and Tail hook brace.  You just remove one roll pin and install the adapter and put the roll pin back in place! It has three length settings so you pick the one that works best for you. That is it! You now have a braced scorpion pistol!  The max length of pull with this adapter is about 13.4″ adjustable down to about 12.1″. The minimum setting is similar to have the the factory stock all the way in and the furthest setting is similar to the middle setting on the factory stock.  One thing to note is that the stock won’t fold all of the way and because the Tailhook doesn’t have a magnet installed it won’t latch like the OEM stock will.  The adapter is produced by Gear Head Works and is injection molded.

This is everything you need to use it! It is the folding “cheek” mechanism, the adapter, and the Tailhook Mod 1c brace.  Please Note the on the FDE version the adapter and Tailhook are black.


Note: This kit DOES NOT contain the butt stock portion typically found on the scorpion factory folding stock. This eliminates the need to worry about constructive “intent” to create an SBR and allows me to offer a lower price as I am getting them from the factory this way.

Additional information

Weight 17.6 oz

Black, FDE


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