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Welcome to the Yeti Wurks Switchback Grip! It’s what you are looking for.  Are you tired of trying to decide what grip is best for your CZ Scorpion? Do you want to be able to store snacks somewhere on your weapon and you tired of selector rub on your trigger finger?  Here is the solution to your problems! Say hello to the Yeti Wurks Switchback Grip!

This grip has a modern modular design because it features swappable back straps, a storage compartment, and a little Yeti Wurks magic.  It comes with both Everest (thick) and Matterhorn (thin) style back straps.  It has a more vertical than the stock grip angle.  The Switchback was designed and made here in the US (counts towards 922r) and is injection molded out of fiber reinforced polymer and still allows you to remove the lower without removing the grip.

If you only do one upgrade to your CZ Scorpion Evo III Pistol or Carbine this is the one you want!


If the included screw is too short (28mm), please try the screw from the OEM grip (29mm). If you are still having issue please try tightening the screw down once, while the grip is off of the gun. This should allow it to thread once installed. If you still have issues Yeti Wurks can provide a 30mm screw that will for sure work (but will protrude from the nut once tightened down) at your request at no additional cost. The shorter screw is included to minimize any portion of the screw from protruding from the nut and actual fitment can vary from gun to gun. We aim to please.


922r Compliant Part (US Made)

Includes :

Grip Body

Thin Backstrap

Thick Backstrap

M4 x 28 Screw

Work great with the Yeti Wurks Grip Stop! Grip Stop – Yeti Wurks

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Color (Gen)

Black (Gen 3), Flat Dark Earth (Gen 3), Grey (Gen 3), OD Green (Gen 3)

13 reviews for Yeti Wurks Switchback Grip

  1. Brad Byars

    The scorpion is pretty fantastic right out of the box. The one real problem I have with it is the grip. This grip is fantastic. Feels so much better in the hand. The ergos are way improved. Well worth the money.

  2. Cody J Andrew

    I haven’t ever had such a great strap for any gun like my CZ, not that there are many like it. I’ve been asked by everyone who’s seen it “Where’d you get that?!?!??”Which is probably why it’s consistently out of stock, buy it while you can boys.

  3. Andrew

    The switchback is a great improvement from the standard: due to work injuries, handling guns with steeply angled grips like the stock Scorpion’s causes my wrists to fatigue quite rapidly. The Switchback takes care of that, and I like that the arched backstrap fills my hand a bit better and gives me more consistent finger placement on the trigger. Even with name-brand competition out there, I still think the Yeti grip is the best option for the Evo and I kinda wish it was available for more platforms.

  4. Andrew Wade

    By far the best CZ Scorpion grip out there. I swapped out my original CZ grip for a Pakse Pathfinder but it was too vertical. I then got the Yeti Wurks grip and it’s perfect, and it’s the only one that has a storage compartment. And Yeti Wurks customer service is phenomenal!

  5. Jonathan Nichols

    I wanted to like it but when tightening the screw the grip wall inside cracked around the screw so now the grip is useless

    • Eric Antonson

      Jonathan, Sorry for your issue. That is definitely not typical! Your grip is covered by our lifetime warranty. If you contact us we are happy to replace it for you!

  6. Steven Troutman (verified owner)

    Great grip with versatility! The pattern isn’t too abrasive but adds a decent amount of grip texture. The interchangeable backstraps are awesome. I love the palmswell version. I felt that this was much more ergonomic than others I have tried and helped me stay on target more comfortably.

  7. Austin

    Beautiful. The FDE matched better than my stock grip. Feels good in the hand, bottom plug fits perfect. More than anything the lower comes out without taking the grip off. Couldn’t be happier.

  8. Allen Harding (verified owner)

    Great fit and finish. Fits my hand perfectly with the palm swell backstrap. I can still disassemble the pistol with this grip on. And it looks Great! I am very happy with my purchase. Fast ship too.

  9. Brian McCarthy (verified owner)

    Love the look. But, when I went to tighten the screw it wouldn’t even reach the threads. I even tried clamping it to squeeze it together. Now it’s stripped out.

    • Eric Antonson

      Send me an email and we will get you taken care of. Odds are you just need a longer screw, but if the grip is damaged we will replace it for you.

  10. cosplay_kid_forever (verified owner)

    As someone with big hands, this grip is exactly what I was looking for.

  11. Dean (verified owner)

    This grip feels great in the hand and makes shooting the scorpion so much better! I have large hands, so the swappable backstrap helps a ton. I tried the Magpul and Strike scorpion grips before this one, the Yeti Wurks blows them both out of the water.

  12. John Magro

    Horrible experience orderd grips for scorpion evo 3 2 months ago I never received it I emailed Eric from yeti wurks and the response is if it gets lost it’s the costumer responsibility and I even insure the package. All um saying is horrible service …

  13. racesurg33 (verified owner)

    Love the Switchback grip. Perfect fit and the Gray color matches my Scorpion very well. Able to remove the lower receiver without loosening the grip. International shipping to the Philippines.

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