CZ Scorpion 30 Rnd Magazine


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Tired of trying to use your Scorpion as a club because you ran out of magazines. Getting click fatigue from having to go to more than one website to fulfill your scorpion needs?  Rest your weary fingers and save yourself a few clicks.  Yeti Wurks presents 30 rnd CZ Scorpion Evo III magazines!!! You can finally get all the mags you need to help you through the zombie apocalypse!  Get them while you can!! These are CZ USA mags so they count towards 922r.

I appear to be getting mixed stock of both the beveled edge style and the new rounded edge style. They both have the same part number. I can’t guarantee which style you will get.

You are responsible for ensuring the legality of these magazines in your locality.  For those living in Commiefornia I feel your pain.  Sorry!

Yeti Wurks does not sell nor ship 10+ rd mags to the following states: CA, CT, MA, MD, NY, NJ, CO, Il, and Washington, DC, or the country of Canada.

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