Scorpion Evo III Avalanche Mag Release (Gen 1)


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Limited release Gen one Avalanche mag releases.  These may be the last Avalanche mag releases I ever get.  These will work well on most scorpions, but some may have issues with the mags locking into place (that is why there was a Gen 2).  This is easily solved by filing the end/tip of the long “arm” down 1.5mm. These are being sold at a discount because of this.

Do you have issues reaching the mag release with your trigger finger?  Do you wish you had an AK style paddle mag release?  Look no further! The Yeti Wurks Avalanche mag release is for you! It has an inch long paddle for easy mag changes and extended, textured, ribs on the sides to make activating it with your trigger finger a snap!

The black  releases are metal injection molded stainless steel with a qpq coating.  They are extremely durable.  These mag releases weigh 1.7 oz.

As with all Yeti Wurks parts these are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.  If at anytime you have an issue with it, under normal use, we will replace it or refund your money (not including mag lock issue since modification may be needed for proper function).  If you don’t like it when you first receive it, as long as it is in like new condition, just send it back and we will refund your money.  No hassle.  We stand behind our products.  We only make parts we use and like, so we know you will like it too.


These are Gen 1 variants so custom fitting/filing of the “tip” of the long arm MAY be needed. By purchasing this you are acknowledging possible work.

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