Tactical Defender XL


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Covid 19 got you down? Does touching common public surfaces like doors and credit card machines bring you anxiety?  Well Yeti Wurks has a solution for you!  Say hello to the Yeti Wurks Tactical Defender XL.  What makes it tactical you say? It slays microbes!  Made in America of C260 Cartridge Brass our device provides you a safe way to interact with those surfaces! It works on most commercial push or pull doors (up to 1.25″ diameter), grocery store fridges and freezers, and credit card machines! Sadly it doesn’t work on capacitive touch screens.  In addition to providing you a no touch solution, the C260 brass (70% copper) has inherent anti-microbial properties! The the anti-microbial affects of copper are well known and well documented.   Lastly, not only can the Tactical Defender XL help protect your health, its weight and sturdy build make it a good last ditch self defense device.  Here at Yeti Wurks we have your health and physical safety in mind!
Yeti Wurks is not a Microbial Testing lab and has not tested C260 Brass against Covid 19. No guarantee of protection from Covid 19 is given or implied.
4.25″ x 1.75″ x .25″
3.7 oz
C26000 Brass (Cartridge Brass)

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