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Are you concerned about communications in a grid-down scenario?  Do you live in or frequent an area with no cellular coverage?  Do you like cool stuff? If so, Yeti Wurks has you covered with our new Meshtastic Base station! Built on a Rak Wireless Meshtastic kit, we have in house designed a small Meshtastic Base station/repeater  that is suitable to be left out in nature for long periods of time! With the optional solar panel, it be left unattended indefinitely!  The base station is designed to compliment/augment smaller “handheld” units that individuals would carry around. Place the base station as high as possible to get the best line of sight and let the meshing capabilities handle the rest!

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Are you seeking reliable communication solutions in off-grid scenarios or areas with limited cellular coverage? Look no further! Yeti Wurks presents our new Meshtastic Base Station, crafted from a Rak Wireless Meshtastic kit and meticulously designed in-house. Our base station serves as a robust repeater, ideal for extended outdoor deployment. With the optional solar panel, it can operate indefinitely, making it a perfect companion for remote locations. Position the base station strategically for optimal line-of-sight communication, allowing its meshing capabilities to enhance coverage effortlessly.

Concerned about software setup complexity? Fear not! At Yeti Wurks, we pre-configure all devices for seamless functionality upon power-up. Simply pair it with your smartphone or tablet, and you’re good to go! Customization options are available to tailor settings to your specific needs after you receive the device. Each device comes pre-set with the general unencrypted channel for universal communication with default settings, alongside a private encrypted channel exclusive to Yeti Wurks products (modifiable at any time).

Moreover, for tactical enthusiasts, Meshtastic seamlessly integrates with ATAK software via the Meshtastic plugin, enhancing your communication arsenal with unparalleled versatility.

*Batteries NOT included

Optional Accessories:

  • Base Station Mounting Kit (Coming Soon)
  • Integrated Base Station/Solar Charger Pole Mount: Link 
  • Solar Charger: Link


  • Meshtastic Software
  • Pre-configured by Yeti Wurks for immediate use
  • RAK Wireless Meshtastic Base Kit – US 915 MHz
  • IP-65 rated enclosure and connections
  • 915 MHz Type N outdoor-rated 3 dBi dipole Antenna
    • Apex Innovation Antenna 18.5mm in length
  • 4 x 18650 parallel battery holder (batteries not included)
    • Device can run off of 1,2,3 or 4 batteries if desired
  • External connection for solar chargers
    • Accepts input voltage between 5V-24V DC (regulated down to 5V internally for RAK charging system compatibility)
    • 5.5 x 2.1mm (DC-099) Power Jack
    • Direct compatibility with Yeti Wurks solar chargers
    • Third-party solar chargers such as Goal Zero require a plug adapter (available through Yeti Wurks)
    • Recommended minimum 4W solar panel
  • IP-65 rated USB-C passthrough for device setup or charging
  • External Illuminated Power Button (a dull blue ring indicates device power status)
  • Light wires can be disconnected if desired
    • Can unplug from the board
  • When using device charging, ensure the switch is in the “on” position to enable charging; otherwise, the battery remains disconnected
  • Dimensions: Approximately 100mm x 150mm x 70mm (4″ x 6″ x 2.75″) excluding antenna length
  • Now includes a hydrophobic vent that maintains IP rating and allows the box to “breath”


  • Do NOT power on or plug in USB or Solar Power without first connecting the antenna
  • Use only PROTECTED 18650 batteries that are matched (at the same charge level)
    • There is no BMS built into the RAK kit, only a charging circuit, so it will drain non-protected cells to zero if left to run.
      • Draining batteries to zero will damage or shorten the life of the battery
      • Protected batteries will prevent themselves from being drained to zero
  • Internal Baseplate is made out of PETG and the color will vary
  • Although the device comes pre-configured, you can still change or update any settings after you receive the device
  • All Yeti Wurks Base Stations will have the same secondary encrypted channel, if you want a more private channel please add another
  • If you change the default Primary Channel or rename it you will lose meshing capability with ALL other devices not setup with the exact same primary as you
  • The 4 rear mounting holes will work with M5x10mm self taping screws (screw length may vary depending on what you are mounting)

Additional Information:

Meshtastic Community Website: Link

Getting Started Guide: Link

ATAK Plugin and Setup: Link

Additional information

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  1. REUBEN BOOKER (verified owner)

    Excellent product and excellent customer service with the little boo-boo we had. Highly recommend buying a Yeti Wurks Meshtastic Basestation. Looking forward to buying another!

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