CZ Scorpion Evo III Folding Assembly

CZ Scorpion Evo III Folding Assembly

$ 115.00

Read Description carefully on what is included!! No returns if you didn't read and ordered the wrong thing!!! I spell out in bold what each listing contains.

Need a folding assembly to use with a brace? Yet Wurks has you covered.  These are OEM CZ USA folding assemblies. You can use these as is as  cheek brace and add an HBI cheek piece to round it out, or you can add an adapter and tail hook brace to make the best brace system availlable for the Scorpion.  These folders will attach straight to the back of your Scorpion pistol. Simply use a punch to push in the button inside the back plate, slide up the back plate, and slide on the folding adapter!  THIS IS ONLY THE FOLDING ASSEMBLY.


These will not lock when folded. The latch or magnet that typically accomplishes this is attached to the the butt stock portion that is typically attached.  This folding assembly DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BUTT STOCK PORTION.  This prevent you having "intent" to build an SBR and lowers the cost of the part.