Yeti Wurks Scorpion Tailhook Brace Adapter


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Read Description carefully on what is included!! No returns if you didn’t read and ordered the wrong thing!!! I spell out in bold what each listing contains.

This is the original SLS printed Yeti Wurks tailhook adapter. This is a small run for those who prefer it’s design over other options.

Are you looking for the best looking brace setup for the scorpion? Does your state have draconian SBR laws? Do you often travel with you scorpion? Well look no further!

Our adapter works with the factory scorpion stock, you just remove one roll pin, remove the stock insert, and replace it with the adapter! It has three length settings so you pic the one that works best for you and then re-install the roll pin. Thats it! You now have a braced scorpion pistol!  The max length of pull with this adapter is about 13.4″ adjustable down to about 12.1″. One thing to note is that the stock won’t fold all of the way and because the Tailhook doesn’t have a magnet installed it won’t latch like the OEM stock will.  The adapter is injection molded.

This product is ONLY THE ADAPTER. You will still need to purchase a stock and Tailhook brace for it to work.  You can purchase everything together through Yeti Wurks using the Tailhook Kit product (Full Kit includes GHW adapter, NOT Yeti Wurks adapter).

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