Scorpion GHW Adapter Tailhook Mod 1 combo


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Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 1 and Scorpion adapter combo!!!! (bulk packaging)

To use this combo you still need a folding assembly or a full stock you can remove the end portion from.

The Tailhook MOD 1 is the most compact pistol brace in the world. At less than an inch thick, it can be adapted to practically every platform on the market.?Remember that when this is installed on a pistol, it does not change the classification of the pistol with correct intended use. But recent ATF opinion states that using a pistol brace as shoulder stock could be considered manufacturing a rifle.

Are you looking for the best looking brace setup for the scorpion? Does your state have draconian SBR laws? Do you often travel with you scorpion? Well look no further! Gear Head Works recently came out with the Tailhook Brace and?has a way to add it to your scorpion pistol! ?


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