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Do you have a brand new Vector, but like the style of the OEM Vector Folding stock that requires a built in hinge?  Don’t fret! We have a solution for you!  Designed and fabricated for North Central Tactical (exclusively offered through Yeti Wurks), this adapter will allow the use of any OEM vector stock that requires a built in hinge, with a gun that has a buffer tube attachment.  This also works great when trying to add a vector folder that has been converted to be used with a Tailhook brace.

These adapters are CNC’d from 6061 billet aluminum and black anodized. They also come with a castle nut to ensure they are properly locked down in the buffer tube attachment point.


Due to the additional length added by the adapter and the longer pistol body, the OEM stock catch on the receiver will not work with an attached Kriss Stock.

All NFA rules apply when using this to attached a stock to your Kriss Vector. Ensure you are in compliance with all local and federal laws.


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