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Smith MFG Tailhook Host

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Your Price: $195.95
Part Number: CSMFG-SCP-THhost
Availability: In Stock.

Custom Smith is using LAGE Manufacturing's EVO Stock and converting it into a Tailhook Host. This host will fold away with slight retention for holding it closed. Lage MFG made it cant down away from the ejection port so it can be fired when folded. The LOP is set to 13.1" keeping it compliant with the ATF Guidelines for braces. 


You will have to disassemble the Host from the connecting adapter if you wish to remove it after install.

NOTE FROM Yeti Wurks:

Please be aware that the portion of the folding assembly that the tailhook attaches to does appear to be a high quality 3D printed part.  Tailhook shown NOT included.

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