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Scorpion Evo III Speed Loader

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New Update Version!!!! Now Injection Molded Fiber Reinforced Nylon!!!

This is a speed loader for the CZ Scorpion Evo III. It is now injection molded and made out of fiber reinforce nylon!  It is much stronger, harder, and slicker than the previous version! With this loader you can load a 30 rnd mag from trayed ammo in less than 30 seconds. It will work with 10,20, and 30 rnd mags. For the best experience apply your favorite creme lube to the bullet track. Only use with a flat surface with a 90 degree edge. Rest the tip of the loader on the table surface when loading, and only apply pressure to the base of the bullets. It works best when using the mag body to apply the forward pressure when loading. There will always be 1 bullet left in the track when loading. This is normal. This item will not be covered under warranty if it is found that it wasn't used in accordance with the directions above. Applying pressure to anywhere but the base of the bullets being loaded could result in gouging the bullet track on the loader rendering it inoperable.

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