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Blemished Yeti Wurks Switchback Grip (Blk)

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Blemished Units sold AS-IS!!

I received a batch of grips with out of spec backstraps. As a result I'm selling to you at a reduced cost.  These are perfectly functional grips, but the backstraps on some may require filling/sanding 1/16th inch of material from the top of the backstrap to pin in place properly. The thin backstrap is most affected.  The thick one may not need any modification.

Gen 3 Switchback grips are here!! These  have a chamfer around the new reinforced nut. Now all available grip generations will allow the lower to be removed with the grip installed fully forward!! 

Are you tired of trying to decide what grip is better for your CZ Scorpion: the Everest or the Matterhorn? Are you sick and tired of not being able to store snacks somewhere on your weapon? Are you tired of selector rub on your trigger finger?  Here is the solution to your problems! Say hello to the Yeti Wurks Switchback Grip!

It has a modern modular design. It features swappable back straps, a storage compartment, and a little Yeti Wurks magic.  It comes with both Everest and Matterhorn style back straps.  It retains the same more vertical than stock grip angle that the previous grips had.  The Switchback was designed and made here in the US (counts towards 922r) and is injection molded out of fiber reinforced polymer.

If you only do one upgrade to your CZ Scorpion Evo III Pistol or Carbine this is the one you want!

These Blemished units are NOT covered by the Yeti Wurks lifetime warranty.

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